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5th WINDFORCE Baltic Sea conference
Offshore wind in the Baltic Sea sets new standards

Bremerhaven, 9 January 2017: The annual WINDFORCE Baltic Sea conference provides an overview of current developments in the Baltic Sea. The two-day conference focuses on the exchange of experience and questions concerning offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea, offering a unique insight on the challenges being faced. Following previous conferences in Sweden, Poland, Finland and Denmark, the 2017 Baltic Sea event will be held from 8 to 9 February 2017 in Tallinn (Estonia), a Baltic trendsetter in offshore wind. Registration is open until 12 January 2017.

Offshore wind energy is developing very differently in each country that borders the Baltic Sea. Denmark, the pioneer and leader, could soon be overtaken by the other countries in terms of project pipelines. With regard to the price of offshore wind energy, Vattenfall has set new standards for the Baltic Sea area. Proposing a price of 4.99 euro-cents/kWh, Vattenfall has been awarded the contract to build the 600 MW Kriegers Flak project, thereby having won the world’s lowest bid for an offshore wind farm so far. But this price cannot be used as a reference value for all offshore wind farm projects in the North and Baltic seas; prices must also reflect real conditions and that is where projects differ considerably. Construction volumes and the collateral required have a significant influence on costs, as do the depth of water and a project’s distance from the coast. Added to that, grid expansion also has a substantial influence on costs, both onshore and offshore.

“We knew it would be well worth taking a look behind the scenes and we are very pleased to be spending two days in Estonia. We are very grateful to Estonia’s Wind Power Association for their support”, says Andreas Wellbrock, organizer of the conference and managing director of the German Wind Energy Network WAB. Renewable energies are now playing an even more important role after the conclusion of the Marrakech climate conference. “So it is important that the development of wind farms in the North and Baltic seas substantially accelerates and that more countries raise their goals and expectations. That is the purpose of our conference. May you enjoy two interesting and informative days in Tallinn”, Wellbrock added.

The WINDFORCE Baltic Sea event is held every year in a country bordering the Baltic. The event is organized by Germany’s Wind Energy Network WAB in cooperation with the Baltic Sea Offshore Wind Forum, the City of Tallinn, Estonian, Danish, Finnish, Polish and Swedish Wind Energy Associations and 4energia UAB (Lithuania). Exclusively for participants, WAB publishes an updated edition of its popular map of offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea. Registration is possible until 12 January 2017 at:

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WAB is the network of the wind energy industry in Germany‘s northwest region and serves as a nationwide contact for the offshore wind industry. Since 2002, more than 350 German companies and institutes have become members of WAB.

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